Company History

In 1978, ECI was born with the intent to source coffee beans from around the country. Up until then, PH was importing coffee. ECI was the first to export PH coffee beans. From 1980 to 1985, ECI was the biggest coffee exporter in the country. We ventured into coffee trading and we still actively trade today.

We started commercial coffee roasting in 1985. Thirty-five (35) metric tons went through our warehouse for export. The best 0.5% of the finest beans were retained for roasting. Gourmet Coffee was born. Up until then, Filipinos were drinking mostly instant coffee. We now have the capacity to roast 120 tons every month. We have seven (7) coffee blends out in the market today.

Gourmet Farms was born in 1988, the first organic farm in the country. We started supplying hotels, restaurants, and cafes with fresh produce. Most of them are still our clients today. We also started manufacturing local medicinal herbs.

In 2000, we put up Gourmet’s Café, a venue where consumers come to eat delicious, healthy, organic food. Eventually, the demand grew beyond what our restaurant could accommodate. Kitchen Exclusives was established, a subsidiary of Gourmet Farms that manufactures, sauces, dressings, dips, and ready-to-eat food items.

We are present in hundreds of stores and outlets all over the country.

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