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Since we began several decades ago, Gourmet Farms, Inc., has always been a staunch advocate of the welfare of Filipino farmers, the promotion of Philippine coffee, environment care, and healthy living. We are a Filipino company at par with the world’s best.

We Generate Local Employment

We strengthen the local economy by training farmers to grow GFI cash crops. In doing this, they partner with a stable company that gives them a steady flow of income.We prioritize manpower over machines, creating the demand for workers.

We Promote Organic Agriculture

Organic is always better! We promote traditional farming with the aid of trained farmers, making healthy, organic produce readily available for public consumption.

We Support Fair Trade

We offer better trading conditions and secure the rights of marginalized producers and workers in the Philippines.We only purchase coffee at their standard market price.

We Foster Stewardship

We strive for environmental sustainability.In doing programs that respect nature, we help preserve the environment for the future generations.We do the “6 R’s”: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. Recover. Restore.

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