The Wildlings vs the Top Seeds

The Gourmet Coffee Bean Journey, Part 1


This is called a “wildling.” It is a seedling that grew from a coffee cherry that fell on the ground. A lot of coffee farms grow such seedlings where they harvest their coffee. However, wildlings don’t always turn out to be prolific and their beans are more often of inferior quality.

We at Gourmet Farms don’t use wildlings because we want to make sure that we only grow the best trees that bear the highest quality beans. It is very crucial to carefully select the seeds for planting because it will determine the kind of coffee that will eventually end up for brewing. Ordinary coffee beans just won’t do. There are several criteria in choosing and preparing the right beans for planting.

     1. Seeds are chosen only from trees that produce the most harvest and with top quality beans. Seeds are never just picked at random. The history of productivity of the tree where the seed will come from is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated.

     2. The trees should be disease-free, not only in their present state but also in their history. Diseases affect the quality of cherries the trees produce and consequently, the seeds.

     3. Seeds are taken from cherries that are almost ripe. Otherwise, seeds may not be mature enough and may not germinate.

     4. Unlike the coffee beans for roasting, seeds for planting are dried in the shade. Drying them under the sun may kill the seed and they may not germinate.

     5. Seeds are germinated within two weeks. Beyond that period, the seeds may die and fail to grow.


Top seedlings raised from carefully chosen coffee seeds.


Top-of-the-line coffee seedlings ready for transplanting.

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