8 Natural suppressors of cravings for weight loss

So there you are, just made a decision to eat healthy, and then bam! Your favorite junk food presents itself as you walk along and see that donut place. The impact is deep. You keep thinking about it. All of a sudden, it’s the most important food in the world. Nothing else matters, nothing just can’t seem to take its place. You have to have that sweet stuff of refined flour, refined sugar, and the trans fats that make up about half of it. You know you just ate so you can’t really be physiologically hungry. You know this is something else. And you’re right. It’s one of the most vicious enemies of dieters, weight watchers, and a lot of people dealing with metabolic disorders. Cravings.

Fortunately for us, we can fight this, and in its own terms. There are a lot of food and drinks that we can take to suppress unhealthy cravings, giving us an upper hand in maintaining our ideal weight and ultimately, our health. Here are some of them:


1. EGGS (boiled). They are ready form of available proteins, comparable to meat with less the calories. They are relatively easy to digest and give that sense of fullness for a relatively longer period of time. They satisfy cravings for meat.

2. AVOCADO. Rich in good fat and low on saturated fats, it also has fibers that add to the sense of feeling full. It provides vitamins and minerals so the body doesn’t feel malnourished. Lack of nutrition is one of the strongest reasons why the body generates cravings.

3. GINGER. Ginger has been used traditionally as a digestive aid. By improving digestion, it makes food absorption better and helps make you feel full longer. And it has a lot of medicinal benefits, too!

4. ALMONDS. Another source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals. This makes them ideal for regulating cravings while keeping the body nourished. Great substitute for the usual high-calorie snacks.

5. CAYENNE (and members of the chili family). Cayenne raises metabolism enough to burn calories, making more energy available for the body. This in turn lessens the need of the body to eat more, thereby suppressing appetite. Cayenne is a mainstay in natural weight management protocols.

6. LETTUCE. It is one of those negative-calorie foods. The calorie they provide is less than the calorie used up by the body to digest them. You actually lose calories by eating them. They are also rich in fibers that delay absorption and make you feel full longer.

7. COFFEE. There is now an overwhelming number of studies that prove the health benefits of coffee. It aids in weight management by increasing metabolism, promoting fat breakdown, decreasing fat formation, regulating absorption of carbs, and reducing cravings.

8. WATER. There is no credible list of natural appetite suppressants that does not involve water. Not only does it give a sense of fullness, it also facilitates the digestion and absorption of food and the assimilation of their nutrients to the body. This facilitates the body’s sense of being nourished and lessens the cravings.






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