Fish in Ginger Tea Broth [Free Recipe]

Rainy season is here. The weather is cool and begs for some warm dish. Unfortunately, it is also cough and flu season. Well, you can chill. We’ve concocted a broth that’s both hot tasty and will help make sure you beat cough at the same time. See also: Natural remedy for sore throat and cough

Fish in Ginger Tea Broth




         1 fillet slice of Sole / Dapa; skin off (Tilapia or your choice of fish may be used as a substitute)

          3 tea bags of Gourmet Ginger Tea

          1 pc Kaffir lime leaf

          1 pc bay leaf

          1 pc Nori wrap (cut in strips)

          1 sprig spring onions 

          1 sprig onion leeks 

          1 clove garlic

          Alfalfa sprouts and baby arugula for garnish



         1. Slowly poach the fillet of Sole (Dapa) in a pot with water just enough to cover the fish.

         2. Remove the fish when texture is white almost all the way through. Strain and set aside.

         3. In the same pot, infuse water with ginger by putting in the tea bags.

         4. Throw in Kaffir leaf, bay leaf, Nori, spring onions, onion leeks and clove of garlic.

         5. Allow the flavors to infuse thoroughly. Gently simmer down [goldenticket] when the water turns light brown.

         6. Remove from heat, and strain on to a serving cup while hot. Add the fillet of sole.

         7. Garnish with nori strips, alfalfa sprouts , baby arugula and spring onions.




Enjoy the broth. Share the recipe!



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