4 Reasons why Banaba is good for Diabetes and weight management

We have reached that period that it is no longer a question whether our traditional medicinal teas are actually beneficial or not. It is now just a question of how many organ systems and health problems they can address.

Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) is one such medicinal herb. Researchers have demonstrated its ability to help control blood sugar and manage diabetes. In the process, it also aids in addressing obesity and pathologic weight gain.

1. Banaba improves tissue uptake of glucose. Two active components in Banaba, corosolic acid and ellagitannins, have been identified to make cells and tissues more sensitive to insulin. This makes them absorb sugar better and blood sugar concentration is normalized faster.

2. Banaba moderates breakdown of complex sugars and carbohydrates. By slowing down the release of free glucose from the digestion of complex sugars and carbohydrates, the blood does not get flooded with glucose right away. The liver and tissues get enough time to clear glucose before more are released into the bloodstream, thereby maintaining normal levels of blood glucose.

3. Banaba decreases synthesis of new sugar. Banaba also reduces the liver’s synthesis of new sugar. This eliminates more contribution to the blood and aids in normalizing blood sugar.

4. Banaba regulates fat metabolism. High-fat diets have been associated with insulin resistance. This delays tissue uptake of sugar, and causes elevation of blood sugar concentration. It is also believed that free fatty acids have a direct effect in suppressing insulin production in the pancreas. By regulating fat metabolism, Banaba improves sugar absorption by cells and tissues.









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