Drink Lagundi – the Natural Remedy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem that knows no age or status. It is a subjective feeling of “worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” It can be paralyzing. If not managed adequately, it can lead to further psycho-emotional problems.

natural remedy for anxiety

There are a lot of treatment and management options for anxiety. More often than not, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs are the first approach. Relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are also common. Other modalities of natural remedy for anxiety and stress include acupuncture and several forms of energy healing.

For those who advocate healthy living and believe in “food as medicine,” nutrition plays a great role. It involves natural food and beverages known to have healing properties. One of these is Lagundi (Vitex negundo).

In a study published in the International Journal of Green Pharmacy (IJGP), researchers were able to show that extract from Lagundi is an effective and natural remedy for anxiety. Furthermore, they reported that “the action of the extract… are in accord with the traditional use of (Lagundi) and could be useful in primary medical care.”

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Fresh leaves of lagundi are the best to use. If not available, use dried/pulverized leaves, like a tea. The less processing the leaves went through, the better.

While lagundi can help manage anxiety, we cannot rely on it alone. In chronic cases, consultation with a professional is the way to go.


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