Natural remedy for sore throat

Conditions around us aren’t always ideal. The changing weather, stress, and bad diet and lifestyle all contribute to weakening our immune system. Common minor health issues usually follow. Upper respiratory problems are common. One such case is sore throat. While this is a simple condition, it can lead to more serious complications if left unattended. A common reaction would be to take medications. They’re not without side-effects, even a little. Before you self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs, consider using natural remedy for sore throat first. It’s easy to prepare and has been proven effective in traditional medicine.

You will need:

          1 cup hot water

          1-2 teabags Gourmet Farms Lagundi Herbal Tea

          1-2 teabags Gourmet Farms Ginger Herbal Tea  

          oregano leaves

          1-2 calamansi

          1 tsp raw honey


          Place the teabags in a cup. You may use more if you want it stronger.

          Add hot water and 1-2 oregano leaves. Allow to steep for 5 minutes.

          Allow it to cool a bit then squeeze in 1-2 calamansi. A teaspoon of lemon juice may be used as substitute.

          Add a teaspoon of raw honey. 

          Take in sips while warm.


Here’s how it works:


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