Studies show Lagundi is a memory booster

Experiments with lagundi (Vitex negundo) showed that its extracts boost memory and improve learning.

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Lagundi has always been identified as a traditional cough remedy, and a very good one at that. But more than treating respiratory ailments, Lagundi has been shown to have other health benefits including being a good memory booster.

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In a study published at Pharmacology & Pharmacy, researchers were able to show that extracts of Lagundi improved memory and learning. This was the same conclusion in another study published at the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. In both studies, they suggested that the results were due to the combined effects of Lagundi extract – protection of neurotransmitter from rapid degradation, antioxidant properties, and stimulation of the activities of neurotransmitters.

Lagundi may be taken as tea. However, it is a medicinal tea and might not taste as good as refreshment teas. In Gourmet Farms, we serve our herbal teas with fresh herbs like tarragon, rosemary, or mint. Not only do the fresh herbs improve the taste, they also increase the healing properties of the drink.

Want to improve your memory but you don’t like tea? Here’s another option.



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