Coffee reduces the risk of developing skin cancer

As it turns out, researchers has found yet another health benefit of coffee. And the timing is perfect, too!

Summer is here and we’re all excited to enjoy the sea, the sand, and the sun. Unfortunately, the solar heat and UV radiation have been getting harsher through the years. We need more protection now more than ever. Of course there are the ever reliable sun blocks but they only offer external protection. And now comes coffee.

In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers concluded that coffee intake is associated with a decrease in the risk of developing malignant skin cancer (cutaneous melanoma) by 20%. The study involved over 447,000 subjects over a 10-year period. The beneficial result was attributed to the caffeine content of coffee. They recommend further research on the role of caffeine to understand better how caffeine achieves this effect.

Cutaneous melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the United States. Exposure to UV radiation has been identified as a major risk factor. People with fair skin and who expose themselves to direct sunlight without protection are particularly susceptible.

To further reduce the risk for skin cancer, always wear sun block, avoid direct exposure when sunlight is the harshest (10am to 4pm), eat lots of berries to nourish the skin, and of course, drink coffee regularly.

So go ahead and enjoy summer and the sun. And don’t forget your coffee!



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