Gourmet Farms Estate

The Gourmet Farms Estate

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The Gourmet Farms, Inc complex in Silang, Cavite is the home of our operations. It is in this 12-hectare facility where you can follow the journey of the coffee bean – from germination to brewing. This is also where we offer or best produce and dishes, living up to our farm-to-table concept.

Roasting Facility

We started commercial coffee roasting in the Philippines. Our roasting machines, Probat 1958 & Probat 2012, are top-of-the-line, considered as the Rolls Royce of coffee roasters. We have the capacity to roast as much as 124 metric tons  a month. We have the best master roasters, with world-class training and experience. We follow strict standards to ensure the quality of roasted coffee beans that we provide our consumers. We are ISO-certified by SGS for quality systems.

Manufacturing Plant

From our farm, only the freshest and finest ingredients enter our manufacturing plant. This is where we produce our Kitchen Exclusives, a line of various sauces, dips, and dressings that you have learned to love.  They are our “Chefs in a Bottle.” By using them, cooking amateurs can easily prepare dishes of gourmet standard that are both yummy and healthy.

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