Gourmet Farms Agri

Gourmet Farms Agri


Fields of green leafy, vegetables and herbs span the 12-hectare stretch of the rich farm estate of Gourmet Farms in Silang, Cavite. Here, the finest and freshest varieties of herbs – basil, coriander, marjoram, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme to name a few – are spread inside greenhouses and open fields.

Apart from aromatic culinary herbs, we also produce organically grown lettuce. Romaine, Lollo Rossa, Green Ice, and Red Sails – all carefully nurtured as seedlings in greenhouses and then meticulously cultivated to become fully grown lettuce in well-maintained plots. With our very strict guidelines on traditional farming, our consumers are assured of bright, crisp and delicious packs of lettuce that can be used for anything – from salads to burgers to pizza to soups.

Since the 1980’s, Gourmet Farms has been at the forefront of organic farming. Embodying responsible management and planning of the use of resources, Gourmet Farms strives for environmental sustainability. And in doing programs that respect nature, we help preserve the environment for future generations.

4 varieties of lettuce, 17 types of herbs (and growing), and more greens to sprout soon!


leaf   Arugula  leaf   Basil   leaf   Parsley   leaf   Peppermint   leaf
leaf   Sorrel   leaf    Rosemary   leaf   Dill   leaf   Lemon Balm   leaf
leaf   Spearmint   leaf   Chives   leaf   Coriander   leaf   Fennel   leaf
leaf   Oregano   leaf   Marjoram   leaf   Romaine  leaf   



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