Africa, particularly Ethiopia, is the birthplace of coffee. African Arabicas have a balanced body and acidity. Flavors are winey to sweet and with floral and fruity notes. Top producers are Ethiopia, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, and Congo.

In the south central portion of Ethiopia along the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley is an area known for its fine coffees. In this region, coffee beans are sun-dried on raised drying beds. The location and the process create a cup that is fragrantly sweet and fruity hinting of berries. It has a medium body with clear acidity and notes of citrus and lemon.



Ethiopia is the sixth biggest producer of coffee in the world and the first in Africa.  This single origin was produced in the southern Guji zone of Shakiso by the Guji Oromo people. It has a unique cup profile that is mild, with lemony citrus and floral note, and sweet flavor. It has a silky medium body and bright, clean, and crisp acidity.





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