In general, the Arabicas in Asia and the Pacific region are characterized by full body, moderate acidity, and smooth flavor. They have variable earthy undertones and dry finish. Coffee-producing countries in the Asia-pacific region include Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The Indonesian island of Sumatra is known for its rugged tropical terrain and volcanoes. Sumatra Mandheling is grown in volcanic soil at elevations of 1,200 to 1,400m above sea level. Beans are wet processed and sorted 3 times (triple picked) for the best quality beans. The taste profile is characterized by a full body, low acidity, and hints of cedar and tender spice notes. It has a long, memorable finish.




About 70% of coffee production in Papua New Guinea comes from microlots with as few as 20 coffee trees in each “coffee garden.” They are usually raised alongside subsistence crops in terrains of mountain ranges, steep valleys, and plateaus. No synthetic chemicals or fertilizers are used. Instead, the skin and pulp of the coffee cherries provide the nutrition for the soil. The taste profile has a slightly sweet fruity flavor, medium body, and medium acidity.




Benguet is located in the northern portion of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It has an elevation of over 5,000 feet above sea level and receives an average monthly precipitation of 152mm. Rainfall is seen in 16 days on the average in a month. Coffee beans are wet processed towards the end of the year. Benguet Borbon is medium-bodied with low to medium acidity, toast-like aroma, and balanced flavor and mouthfeel.





Arabicas del Mundo’s Civet coffee is processed with the natural digestive enzymes of free-roaming Asian Palm Civet cats, as opposed to the commercial grade which is processed by civet cats in captivity. Free civets get to pick the choicest coffee cherries. On the other hand, caged civets have to contend with whatever quality of beans their captors feed them. Civet coffee has medium body and acidity, soft aroma, and earthy flavors.




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