Our Blends and Beans


Premium Blend

Medium-bodied, enticing floral aroma with bitter hints. Medium-bodied, enticing floral aroma with bitter hints. The finest grade of coffee beans roasted and blended to create that perfect coffee Full-bodied robust flavor. Made with select beans, this coffee blend gives you the full and rich flavor of coffee. Definitely the blend if you are looking for mouthfeel and body.

Espresso Blend

Sweet, fruity, winey undertones. Unadulterated coffee, made from dark roasted premium beans, blended, ground and brewed with precision for a delightfully intense perk. Great for people who want the subtle flavor of coffee that is sweet, and fruity with winey undertones.

Hazelnut Blend

Full bodied flavor with hazelnut. Enjoy the full-bodied flavor and goodness of Cavite coffee with the subtle fragrance and hint of hazelnut.


Medium bodied. Our commitment to bring the best coffee to everyone is reflected in this blend. Infused with the medium-bodied aroma and bright flavors of mountain grown Arabica. Enjoy the richness of flavor and aroma of coffee sans the caffeine.


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