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Gourmet Coffee blends

Maynila Blend

Full-bodied robust flavor. Made with select beans, this coffee blend gives you the full and rich flavor of coffee. Definitely the blend if you are looking for mouthfeel and body.

Baraco Batangas

Strong fruity flavor and aroma. The pride of the Batangas province. Coined after the distinct flavor of its indigenous variety, Baraco Batangas gives you that fruity flavor and the aroma that Excelsa beans have. Great for coffee enthusiast who prefer the full-bodied flavor of coffee with a fruity undertone.

Mountain Grown Arabica

Medium-bodied, toast-like aroma. Originally indigenous to the mountains of Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula and also from the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and southwestern Sudan. We produce only the finest Arabica beans, grown from the highlands of Benguet, to give you the well balanced flavor, aroma, and feel of coffee. Definitely has the perfect mix of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

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