Gourmet Farms Kitchen Exclusives




Amatriciana Sauce. Fresh tomatoes mixed with bacon, garlic and olive oil.

Bolognese Sauce. Richness of tomatoes and red wine, plus the subtle kick of pepper, garlic and paprika.

Cilantro Pesto. Subtle undertones of sweetness and citrus.

Pesto Sauce. A Genovese specialty made in the classic manner by pounding fresh basil, garlic and pine nuts with extra virgin olive oil and capped with sharp Parmigiano.

Puttanesca Sauce. Sauce of tomatoes, anchovies, black mustard and other herbs.

Salsa Dip. Perfect for tacos, nachos and tortillas. .

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto.  The classic pesto given a different twist, from basil leaves mixed with sun dried tomatoes for a flavorful mix of herbs and vegetables.

Gourmet Farms Kitchen Exclusives




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