Tatler Philippines feature on Ernest Escaler

Ernest Escaler was recently featured by Tatler Philippines as one of the most influential People in the F&B industry for 2021. Find out more about the Gourmet Farms Founder, Chairman, and CEO: “In the early Eighties, I decided to try and convince local consumers to shift from instant coffee to […]

Summer Healthy Quenchers

This triple-punch of Gourmet Farms Healthy Quenchers should give you added protection against viruses and other infections. Their combined health benefits include fighting viruses and other microbes, relieving cough and minor throat irritations, and providing much needed nutrients to boost your immune system. Basil, known as an aromatic culinary herb, […]

Keeping You Safe

We will continue to safely serve the freshest and finest products on our website straight to the comforts of your home. We wish everyone to stay healthy and be very careful during this pandemic. The danger is still out there based on the recent developments. Now more than ever, we […]

Happy Chinese New Year 2021!

Gourmet Farms is one with our Chinese brothers and sisters in celebrating the Year of the Ox 2021! May we all be safe, healthy, and prosperous! Check out your Chinese Horoscope in the Year of the Metal Ox:

Freshest. Finest. First. A Day at Gourmet Farms

Long before organic, farm-to-table and bean-to-cup became part of the mainstream, a pioneering farm in Silang planted the seeds for the now popular culinary movement. Since the early eighties, Gourmet Farms introduced the novel organic, bean-to-cup and farm-to-table concepts to a local market hungry for new and unique dining experiences. The emerging […]