Italy Escape


Escape to Italy by enjoying these delicious and authentic dishes at The Dining Room. 

The Bianco Pizza is a simple Italian masterpiece.

Once you bite into each slice, the creamy ricotta cheese introduces itself, followed by the savory flavor of pancetta. This combination of creamy and savory flavors compliments the subtle sweetness of the potatoes. Surprisingly, the sprinkle of fresh rosemary ties everything in.

Sauté di Cozze – sautéed mussels with garlic and herbs.

This dish is the perfect example of letting the quality of the ingredients speak for itself. Simple yet so satisfying.

Pro tip: When you finish eating the mussels, dip the bread in the buttery sauce. 

The Mango di Rucola is a refreshing salad that is full of flavor and robust textures.

First thing you notice is the arugula’s lushness, freshly harvested right from the farm. Fresh mangoes and Gourmet Farms’ own Mango Vinaigrette give it a sweetness that is complemented by prosciutto, with all its savory goodness. The dish is completed with accents of blue cheese and textures of cashews.