Our Commitments

Give Back

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not simply a philanthropic exercise of corporations giving a part of their profits to a needy group. It is not what we do with profits. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on the advocacy of Gourmet Farms, is how we make our profits – in partnership with farmers and with a collective commitment to both heritage and the planet. In the weeks that followed after GFI initial meetings  with the governor, there were several opportunities to talk with the farmers of the different municipalities in Benguet. Many of them are truly well educated. Some are retired government employees enamored with the dream of “retiring to be a simple farmer.” Many more trace their generations continuing what those who came before them did – be stewards of Nature and care for the coffee tree and its inviting cherry fruits. Their homespun wisdom and dedicated understanding of their craft and their heritage are simply amazing. I will no longer take for granted a Benguet coffee bean. It carries not just the essence of caffeine but the distilled story of my ancestors and my new source of a legitimate world view – the Ibaloi coffee growers – on life, farming, and business. Our values and aspirations converge.

The Giving Blooms

The passion of Coffee Farmers in the Philippines, is what inspires Gourmet Farms to promote Philippine Coffee. Not only does it provide a living for these farmers, our local coffee talks about our culture, our indigenous roots. 

The positivity of Tagaytay City Jail Inmates encouraged them to create the handcrafted coin bank, flower in this package. Gourmet Farms funds the livelihood while the inmates are waiting to be released.

At Gourmet Farms, we believe in passion and positivity. Remember these people while enjoying this bundle.