Summer Healthy Quenchers


This triple-punch of Gourmet Farms Healthy Quenchers should give you added protection against viruses and other infections. Their combined health benefits include fighting viruses and other microbes, relieving cough and minor throat irritations, and providing much needed nutrients to boost your immune system.

Basil, known as an aromatic culinary herb, works well with lemons in our Signature Cooler. It’s a fun and refreshing way to stay cool in the summer heat while letting the lemons soothe your throat from irritations. Got loads of Vitamin C too!

Take advantage of the strong antiviral health benefits of ginger while keeping yourself refreshed and hydrated! Gourmet Farms Ginger Lemonade is a healthy cooler that helps protect you not just from the summer heat but also from various viruses and bacteria.

Loading up on nutrition doesn’t have to be the usual dishes. It can be refreshingly cool with Gourmet Farms Malunggay Juice. Lots of nutrients for your immune system!

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